This series of articles from The Washington Post  examines teen sexuality in the United States and how it differs from teens and sex in Western Europe. While attitudes in the U.S. are different than those in Western European countries, the views of leading researchers and doctors on both sides of the Atlantic are not. They tend to agree that the mixed message America sends to teens about sex endanger our children.

1.    PDF icon A Report on Teen Sex

2.    PDF icon In Western Europe

3.    PDF icon In the United States

4.    PDF icon Virginity Pledges Can’t Be Taken on Faith

5.    PDF icon Run the Numbers

6.   PDF icon What Can Parents Do?

7.    PDF icon Birth, Abortion and pregnancy rates for Developed Countries, Ages 15-19

8.    PDF icon Compare Birth Rates, Abortion Rates and Number of Partners

9.    PDF icon Examples of Interventions – programs from five developed countries.